Markets We Serve

Harbor Link is a strategic partner for a wide variety of public and private sector customers. Harbor Link’s over 700 miles of conduit and dark fiber routes within Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, will enable businesses and organizations to operate at peak performance.


Harbor Link dramatically increases the ability to scale fiber to federal facilities and government buildings throughout DE, MD, DC, and VA, including the Pentagon, Fort Meade, Goddard Space Center, SSA, CMS , FDA, NIST, NIH, and many others. Harbor Link provides a direct, secure, and locked fiber path for federal users to these sites.

Education (School Districts & Universities)

Dark fiber can facilitate the creation of a fully-dedicated, private, physical network infrastructure for school districts, colleges, and universities, allowing for increased security and performance for students, faculty, and staff. Harbor Link wants to provide educators with the robust fiber infrastructure necessary to unlock digital learning and prepare the next generation for life in a globally connected world.


In addition to ensuring patient and staff safety, today’s hospital and healthcare facilities are being hard pressed to upgrade their networks to keep pace with data-intensive advances in medical technology. With the ever-increasing digitization of healthcare information, industry providers require a network that can keep up with the need for increased performance and security of patient information.


The business, banking, and financial sectors are seeing a rapid increase in demand for their services. Harbor Link will help financial institutions by providing an affordable solution to their private network needs within our secured manhole/conduit system.


Some of the largest and most demanding enterprise operations are still relying on outdated connectivity solutions when trying to service their customers, facilities, and suppliers. They need high-capacity and high-performance networks to get the job done. With Harbor Link, enterprises will be able to focus less on connectivity and more on day-to-day operations.

Professional Services

The Harbor Link dark fiber network offers speed, consistency, and support to allow professional service businesses and their multiple offices and users to excel at performance and to thrive.


Harbor Link’s robust dark fiber network provides reliability and flexibility for wholesale carriers and resellers throughout the Harbor Link footprint.

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