Our Partners

At Harbor Link, we have partnered with several exceptional companies in order to make the work we do possible. From construction, to financial planning, public relations, and more, our partner organizations are vital to the Harbor Link mission and our vision for the future of digital infrastructure across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Millenium Infrastructure Fund

Millennium is a privately held organization headquartered in Delavan, WI. Founded in 2004, Millennium has redefined the broadband industry by helping local and regional clients be first-to-market by providing enhanced Geospatial design, financial guidance and loans, materials management, and rental equipment. Millennium employs almost 200 people in 17 dedicated locations across America and serves clients across 90% of the continental US.

Learn more at mymillennium.us.

Infrastructure Construction Management

ICM is a leader in underground utilities’ construction based in Lewes, Delaware. ICM will design and manage extremely large projects spanning over hundreds of miles or can support a small project of a few hundred feet. ICM is focused in keeping costs down, while maintaining job performance and safety.

Melcar Underground

The Melcar Companies, based in the United States with over 32 years of vanguard experience, take a global approach to the continuously evolving infrastructure industry. Melcar is a driving force in underground and aerial construction, directional drilling, microtunneling, and auger boring. Melcar has built its unwavering reputation by undertaking the most difficult projects, providing exemplary results in a demanding industry. They invest a strong focus on staff and public safety, with extensive experience in densely populated cities. Melcar ensures that the local communities, environment, and existing infrastructure are minimally affected during construction, while preserving the safety of all who are involved.

Learn more at melcarunderground.com.

iMiller Public Relations

iMiller Public Relations (iMPR) is a results-driven, industry-leading Public Relations strategy firm. iMPR sits at the forefront of innovation, propelling brands and the solutions they develop into industry-leading initiatives that inspire shifts in the way companies talk about the industry to the terminology they use. With over two decades of proven success in media and analyst relations, iMPR takes pride in understanding how media works today enabling clients to achieve their short-term and long-term communications goals – taking them to the next level.

Learn more at imillerpr.com.